Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a beautiful Easter weekend!! The weather was just PERFECT!!!! Which meant Dylan got to hunt easter eggs 3 times!!
Saturday morning we headed into town and Grandma Walleta came along!!! Here the are looking for some eggs.

Found one...

Here is Dylan's with his new easter basket. I thought it was really cute.

Saturday afternoon we headed west to Aunt Eunice and Uncle Steve's house. I found these nighttime glow in the dark Easter eggs!! They even come with a little flashlight(which Dylan loved), so you can hunt eggs in the dark!!

Here is Aunt Eunice and Dylan looking for eggs!!

Here's Dylan with his little flashlight!! It was just a really nice night to be out. I think the kids really enjoyed hunting in the dark.

Dylan was sooo excited when we got to Aunt Eunice's and saw that Rachel had come with Uncle Shaun!! He kept saying Rachel was HIS girlfriend all weekend!!!

Here is Amillia.....we finally got her to smile for a picture!!! She just turned 16 months the other day!! Her and Dylan had a good time playing together!!

Before church on Sunday Dylan and Eunice were outside playing!! He loved the slope on her sidewalk/driveway!!

What a great weekend!!! I wish I could have got more pictures from the afternoon(Dylan playing in the garden with Eunice, or the big boys playing basketball and also a group shot but my camera batteries went dead!!!)!!!

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  1. Dang it!! I forgot you needed batteries. See if I don't get things right away, it's out of the mind.
    Love that picture of you guys and Amillia's. It was a beautiful day!!!
    Always hate when it's over. Thanks for coming!!