Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Aunt Eunice sent me a couple more pictures from Easter weekend at her house and I thought I would share a few(that I didn't happend to be in)!!!!
Here's Dylan playing in her garden!!! I really hope nothing was planted there!! He LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!!! Had such a great time and his brown socks proved it!!!:-)

Here is another one of Mr. Dylan playing in her little garden area. See the green things on the ground to the right.......yeah, flowers that are up....he was pulling those and planting them into the planter he is leaning on. Oh, I felt so bad. He did this a number of times but Aunt Eunice promised she didn't mind!!!


  1. Ann, you forgot the picture with Dylan and Grandpa Ron in the field. That was by accident, right?!!!!! By the way, it was a good picture of Ann for those who don't get to see it!!

  2. Next time maybe we could get some water and make mud pies!!!

  3. Yes, Euince I did forget that picture on purpose!!! You know me too well!!! And if you make mud pies with him that's great but you have to clean him up then!!! HA HA Thanks for sending those cute pictures.
    P.S. Dylan started running a fever this afternoon. We mowed the lawn and the whole time he laid his head on my shoulder!!