Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding Weekend-Part-2

At the reception and dance there was a photo booth!! It was so much fun.
Everyone got a copy and then the second copy went into a book for Sarah and Hadden....and a lady was working on the book right there!!! Such a neat idea!!
Hadden and all his college buddies/room-mates got their pictures taken!!

Dylan REALLY wanted to go in and get his picture taken so we made Zac go with him!!

The Groomsmen preformed YMCA and Dylan loved Daddy's hat!!!

Dylan just danced and danced and then would run a big circle around everyone...

He found one little girl he really liked dancing with....Jordi in the pink dress!!! She is a week older than Dylan.

What a fun night!

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  1. Ann, my brother Steve and Lesa bought a photo booth last summer!! They stay really busy taking it places. It is fun!!!!