Tuesday, March 9, 2010


On Wednesday and Thursday we had our stops in Mexico. So Wednesday we went on a excursion to a resort to hang-out, eat, drink and get some sun!! The picture in my header is my view from the lounge chair as well as this next picture.
That's where the food and drink was at. Such a pretty place. On our bus ride back to the boat we had a couple who had a little to much to drink and he threw-up all over the front of the bus.......lovely.

On Thursday Callie and I went shopping in all of the fun little shops at our port. Here are the guys waiting on us....so good for them!!!

Then we walked like 3 miles into town. I was actually sweating while outside...it felt so good!! And we ate lunch at a place that had a guy singing.

Here's Callie.....

And Shane.......

What a beautiful place. Wish we could have stayed there longer than a couple of hours.
I promise only one more post regarding the cruise and then I'm done!!!!

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  1. Think this would've been my favorite place also. It looks so peaceful!! Glad you had a wonderful time and made it back safe!!!