Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wedding Weekend-Part-1

This weekend we traveled west for a wedding. Shane's cousin Hadden got married!!! It was a great weekend...long but good.
Here is the bride and groom...Sarah and Hadden.

I really liked the cake table. See off to the right side....little fake fence like thing. Someones child knocked that all over......Yep, I think that Mommmy was so tired of chasing her 2 year old around for 2 hours while we waited on their Daddy to get to the reception that she sat down for a minute and that happend!!!! Nothing broke though, thank god!!

Here is Hadden's brother Chad and son Zac and Daddy and Dylan eating the very yummy supper!!

Of course Uncle Shaun was home!!!

Here is a shot of all the wild Groomsmen!!!

More to come of the dance!!!!!!!!:-)

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