Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Helper

Dylan and I had a whole list of things to do this morning and one was cleaning out the burm in front of the house! So I cut all the whole plants down and Dylan wanted to help so he would haul them off!!! He was actually really, really helpful and we had a great time!!
Here he is with the clippers and his wagon is full and ready to go dump!

Off he goes...

He would take it over to the fence and dump it into the pasture.

And then he would head back for another load!! He did this about 6 times!!!

Of course the last couple of times I had to bribe him to do it....and all he wanted was pop with his lunch(I can't image who lets him drink pop for lunch, as his parents don't), so since Daddy is gone to a farm show and wasn't going to be around for lunch, Dylan got pop!!!:-)


  1. Too cute! He sure looks like a good helper.

  2. I sure could've used a helper like that on Sun. Darn! I had to make the trips myself and still don't feel like I burned up enough calories.
    Need more nice days but things are greening up and that has me so excited!!! Can't wait to go flower shopping!!