Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Very Random

Well, I tried to tie all these pictures together I wanted to share...but there's no way, so it's all going to be very random!!
I can now download pictures again because of this very special pregnant friend of mine!!! She found a cord for my camera and mailed it to me!!! She is just the best!! I'm so glad we're friends Steph!!!

Last night we had some company while eating our supper........2 deer!! The were closer than this but Dylan was yelling at them and they took off before I could get a good picture!!

Grandpa Ron got a new toy today!! This new tractor!! We had to go over and sit in it and try it out!! It even has a little sit for Dylan to sit in!! He was so excited!!

2 Months from today this Grandma turns the BIG 50!!! Mark your calendars!!! Don't worry, I'm sure I will remind you again!!!:-)

Have a great rest of the week....stay warm!!!:-)

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