Thursday, October 15, 2009


A good friend of mine is turning 46 today!! She is such a wonderful friend and mentor. I just love her and so glad she is in my life! She has a wonderful family as well and a cute hubby!!!
Here is a picture of her at the football game about a month ago. She always looks good!! I think she wakes up looking like this!!! Can you believe she is 4 years from 50!?!??!

Her 3rd child and I are already plotting for her 50th birthday because this is what she did to me last month on my 30th!!!

Yep, she was the one that hung the sign up at the ballpark!! So I owe her one now!!!
Have a great day!!!!!

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  1. Take it easy on poor Kay! She is family! :) Her great grandfather and Shane's great-great grandfather were brothers. Think that's right. I'll look that up on my family tree one of these days!