Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Pre-view....

So Dylan HATES costumes. Halloween last year didn't go so great. So this year I just wasn't sure if anything would work. So I have a couple of ideas but saw this football outfit at a garage sale so I picked it up. This morning I thought we would try it out!!
He didn't want to put it on until I told him Jacob(Daddy's quarterback that Dylan LOVES) wears the samething!!! And Dylan says, Jacob wear it? And I said yep, and he put it right on!!!! I was shocked!!!

He had to show me all of his moves!!!

And he even could tackle in it!!!

So who knows if he will want to wear this next week but I thought it was cute. Daddy thought he could use a different helmet!!
He wore this costume for 2 hours and finally took it off because I said Jacob doesn't wear his football uniform to nap time!!!!:-)


  1. I think it is adorable! And the helmet is definately what makes the costume!!! Don't listen to Daddy. That one looks comfy and warm!!!

  2. Looks like KU Jayhawks alternative jersey day. I bet Shane is proud!!

  3. What moves!! That costume is super cute. You had me nervous when you said next week!? I am still making my boys' costumes.. Eeek. I better hurry up.

  4. Jaxon was a football player last year... I wish I could have found a costume as cute as that! Maybe Jacob could dress up and go trick or treating w/ him?! That'd get Dylan to wear it on the big night! Daddy must be so proud of his little quarterback!