Monday, October 5, 2009


This weekend we had baptism for our new little newphew. Here are my boys all dolled up and ready to go!!! Mommy ended up getting sick on Saturday and couldn't go. I was so disappointed!!

Since I didn't get to attend, I didn't get any picture either!!! I should have sent my camera with Shane......I wasn't thinking!!! Here is a picture of the Tristan though!!

I also made the baptism cake........but once again I didn't get a picture of that either!! Darn it!!!


  1. Hope the flu didn't last long and you were able to enjoy some of the weekend. Good thing you are a planner and had things done ahead of time!!! Can't believe how much Tristan has grown already.!

  2. I think as a Mom you just don't get the chance to be sick very long, to many things to do and get done. Plus, Shane was busy with football and I had Dylan and he of course doesn't let me sit very long!! Oh well. Yesterday I was feeling better and today much better!!! Thanks for thinking of me Aunt Eunice. Hope to see you soon!!!!