Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Full House

Shane had the football team over to watch film tonight(all 15 boys) and Dylan and I went and got 7 pizzas for them and also made cookies this afternoon!!!
Here they all are in the living room!!!

See Dylan in the air!!! He LOVES the "boys"!!!

Here Dylan is with one of his favorite boys........Aaron!!!

We love haivng them over!! They are all such nice boys and play so well with Dylan!!


  1. Oh poor thing :( I've never seen such a sad face in a costume before. Mommy said you don't like to dress up in those things. But Aunt Kate does have to admit you gave her a good laugh! Looks like those boys cheered you up though!

  2. You are such a good coaches wife, Ann! I've never let Matt invite the team over Let's hope he doesn't see this or he'll be asking! haha!

  3. Kate- That pictures is from last year. I haven't even attempted to try it this year. I'm sure he is going to hate it again though!!!

  4. Carrie- I guess I really don't mind having the boys over at all!! They are so nice and sweet to Dylan. This is the 2 or 3rd time this year and they came over quite a bit last year too!! I bet your boys would all it!!

  5. I can't type........ I bet your boys would LOVE it, is what I wanted to say!!!