Monday, June 29, 2009

Harvest Time

Well, we are in the full swing of harvest right now!! Dylan and I have been missing Daddy the past few days so we decided to go down and take the guys their supper(that's my job...making food for 8 guys and delievering it)!!!

Here Shane is dumping on the truck.

Here is what they got tonight........I meant to take the picture before I package it all up....oh well.

It's 2 BBQ pork sandwiches(I cheated though, my Dad make the meat last week for me and tonight I just headed it up), baked beans and a piece of cake. Nothing fancy(the note on the one container says if you bring this back to the office, I will fill it up again tomorrow!!!):-) Here is Dylan helping Daddy drive!!!
Grandpa getting ready to take off in the big truck!
My favorite picture of the night!!! Shane is in the far combine and Uncle Shaun is in the one closer. Weird to think in 15 years, Dylan could be driving one!!!

They have a long week ahead of them to get all the harvesting done. Pray for no rain or breakdowns and happy harvesters!!!:-)


  1. Hey, LOVE the pictures! Makes me wish we were at home. I bet you are super busy helping out and running after Dylan. Take care and hopefully we'll see you this wkend.

  2. Looks like the wheat is awesome! How nice of you to do all that cooking. I remember that was a real time consuming job. Hated packing everything up in containers and then hauling it. Of course, they are always at the furthest end so you end up waiting for them to get to you. Full time job!!!

  3. Yes, it is a big job but for some reason I enjoy doing it. Plus, it gives us something to do. Shane left the house yesterday at 7:00 A.M. and got home at 12:30 A.M.!!! So we get kind-of lonely!!! Aunt Sandra is going to take care of their supper tonight!! So nice of her to let me have a night off!! So I think we are going to take out pop and ice cream after Dylan gets up from his nap!!!:-)