Sunday, June 7, 2009

Omaha Zoo

We celebrated my parents 30th Annviersary this weekend in Omaha with my family and Uncle Kelvin who is back for a few weeks from Virginia. I forgot my camera in the morning, so all of these pictures are from the afternoon.
Here is Dylan and I going across the bridge in the rain forest(which was my was amazing)!!!!
Another favorite of my.....the skyscape, which is brand-new!! Wonderful views of the zoo from up there. Dylan had to stay back with Grandma while Mommy and Daddy rode on this, as he wasn't tall enough to go on it!!
Daddy and Dylan looking at the butterflies!!
Dylan and Uncle Jason looking at the snake.......see Dylan's tight hold on Uncle Jason!!:-)
This is what Dylan enjoyed doing most of the day.......working on his starts!! I tell ya, we have a track star in the making!!! All you have to do is say.....Dylan, on your mark.........he he gets down and is ready to go!!!

And of course he found some water to play in.

This bird was very loud......Dylan didn't really like him.
One of my favorite animals to watch......the moneys. Here they are with some fish. We got to fish the fish!!!
Shane took this shot!!!
And this one.........
What a fun/long/busy/hot/crowded day but we enjoyed it!!! I'm thinking a nice relaxing cruise for their 35th anniversary........................:-):-)


  1. We will have to take the boys SOON! That zoo looks incredible. I think it beats St. Louis zoo. Great pics :)

  2. Thanks, but the pictures don't really even do it justice!!! It's so cool. I would say if you could make it work go on a week day, as it was very busy.

  3. sounds like you had a blast. However, the skyscape would have been too much for me. I would've had to stay back with Dylan. My feet dangling in the air, makes my legs weak!!

  4. Hey stranger! What a beautiful family you have… Glad I found your blog.