Friday, June 26, 2009


All this week cousins Kennedy & Gentry have been at Grandma Walleta's, so yesterday Kennedy got to come and spend the day with Dylan and I!!! We had a great time!!!
We played on the swing-set!!

Dylan was thrilled to have someone join him on his favorite swing!!We went into town to the pool and then when we got home Kennedy decided that her and Dylan need to wash Aunt Ann's Very dirty jeep!!! Here she is giving Dylan instructions!!!

"Way up in there Aunt Ann it's VERYYYYYYYYY Dirty"!!!!! She kept saying in her really cute LOUD voice!!!

What a crack up she is!! We learned a lot from her yesterday!!!! I just can't wait till the little sister starts talking as much as the big sister!!! HA backs are he**, Dana(I grew up listening to my brother talk NON-STOP)!!!!!!:-)

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  1. She had a great time! The pics are cute. Thanks for taking her. The thing might have payback too! I think Dylan will also be a talker. But bring it on. We are so used it he can come talk non stop at our house any day!!! See you on the 4th (hopefully)!