Friday, June 19, 2009


We went with my Mom and her kids and lots of friends to the park up north today!!! Wow, were their a lot of kids. I think at one point I counted over 50!!! And lots of helpers and adults. Lots of fun!!
Here is Dylan playing!!

Our friend Staci got to come along!! We also played at her house before we went to the park!!

Of course Marah was there and Dylan found her right away!! He can spot her legs from a mile away!!!!!!!!:-)

And we were never to far away from Grandma!!! You can kind-of see in this picture that Dylan has a few marks on his face!!! It's a lot worse it person.......he feel down the front 3 steps yesterday morning. Kaci hit him with her tail and down he went!!
I was so excited that my friend Brooke and her son Brillion came down from Nebraska!!! Brillion just turned 1 and is walking all over. He was soooo cute!! Glad you could come down Brooke!!

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