Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last ones............

So I ran out of lotion the other night and reached into the back of the shelf and grabbed these two bottles. One lotion and one body wash and thought last bottles, guess I'm going to have to buy more!!! Then I thought about it and you know I have NEVER bought body wash or lotion since Dylan has been born!!! Yep, he's going to be 2 at the end of the month!!! We had enough people give us these as gifts to last us 2 years!! I think that is pretty crazy!! We did have over 80 vistors in the hospital and 2 showers after Dylan was born, so we got a ton of gifts!!!

What amazing friends and family we have.........or are they trying to tell me something.........we stink and they thought we could use this stuff!!!:-) Or they knew that my little boy was going to love mud, water and sand!!! These by the way came from my friend Jaclyn. Besides remembering birthdays, I can also remember gifts that people give us for different things. I know, I'm weird. :-)

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