Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Picnic- Night 1 & 2

So....I put night-2, Friday night first instead of Thursday night. Sorry....just bear with me!! So Friday we went into the Picnic and rode rides!!!

Here is Mommy, Daddy and Dylan on the ferris wheel.
Here is cousin Katilyn(who was our flower girl in our wedding), riding the little roller coaster with Dylan. He LOVED this ride. The first time on it, his face was priceless.

Here is he riding the motorcycle with cousin Zac!!! Oh, he also loved this ride. I think he spent 30 minutes on this one. The guy running the ride finally said, Dylan just stay there!!!

Grandma and Grandpa made the trip up and Grandma even got to ride with Dylan!!

So tonight his Mommy and Daddy's night without Dylan(he is headed down to Grandma Walleta's) so that we can go watch Uncle Shaun in the derby. I'm a little nervous about it but here is Uncle Shaun with his car!!! Good Luck!!!!

How we will jump back to Thursday night................

So the annual Picnic started on Thursday night wtih a parade. Here is our "float"!! The truck and seed buggy. Shane, Dylan, Grandma and Grandpa Ohlde and I all rode in the truck.

These crazy High school boys rode on top!!! Aaron in the red and Tyler in the gray are our hired hands, who we just love!!! And Jacob in the middle will be Shane's starting quartback in the fall.
Dylan loved all the tractors and "bines" as he calls them!

After the parade we went to the park and Dylan played while Daddy drank some "Daddy jucie"!!!

Then at dark we went to the ball field and watched the wonderful fireworks. They were so good!

Check back soon for some more pictures of the Picnic and Derby!!!


  1. Owen saw the dragon tail carnival on Hwy 15 headed your way and started freaking out! He wanted me to follow it so we could take a ride.

    By the way is Daddy juice=soda?? We have incorporated Soda Saturdays in our houshold. The boys get so excited b/c they know they get to share a soda :)

    Great pics!

  2. Actually our Daddy juice=beer!! And Mommy's juice=Diet Pepsi!!! So funny how Dylan calls everything juice.
    Good idea about Soda Saturdays!! Dylan doesn't drink any soda/pop at our house....just Aunt Kelli's. I think that is one of the reason why he LOVES going there!!