Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend recap

Shane's Mom, Anita had some relatives in town so Friday night we went over to their house for some good food and visiting!!!
Here is Dylan with is Great-Great-Uncle Bud!! He's quite the character!!! Everytime Dylan would shake Bud's hand, he would JUMP in the air!! Dylan found it quite funny!!!
Cousin Sheena brought her massage chair.........oh, she is good. I got in on the action too!!! Wow, it felt great!!
Here is Anita and her sisters, Eunice and Bev with their aunt and uncle Jan and Bud!!(You lucked out Eunice, I didn't get a picture of you eating this time)!!!:-)
Aunt Bev makes the BEST popcorn!!! Dylan and I ate half the bowl!!!!
No fireworks that night, as it was lighting so bad. So we went over on Saturday night to do some. Here is Aunt Jenni with her daughter Amillia, who just turned 7 months!!
My favorite picture of the night...........Aunt Jenni took this one!!
And she also took this one........
Here are some of the fireworks!!
Love this one!!
Hope you all had a happy 4th of July!! What nice cool weather we have been having. Enjoy your week!!!

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  1. Praise the Lord!!! is all I have to say. Certainly wasn't because you didn't have a chance to catch me eating!!!! So nice to have a couple extra days to enjoy the 4th this year. Kindof like a mini vacation!