Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My youngest brother, Jason turns 27 today!!! Here he is with Dylan at his wedding 3 years ago!!!

I wasn't super happy when he was born, as I was really wanting a sister since I already had a brother. But, I knew if I waited long enough, he would come in handy!!! And that day has come............. :-)Here he is helping put on trim on in the basement.

He re-did all of his house a couple months ago, so he was in the mode of doing trim so he brought his tools up and helped us!!

So I promised pictures of my basement........here's just a little sneak peak.... I think it turned out great.

Happy Birthday Jason!!! And thanks for all you help in our basement!!!


  1. The basement looks great! I really like your color choices! Can't wait to see more pics soon!

  2. The basement looks so nice!!! I like the gray tones. Really changes the look. You did a great job!!