Monday, April 18, 2011


I always love to have some projects to work on. Right now I have started my yearly scrapbooking gift for the senior football boys. I have 4 scrapbooks to get done before graduation!!!

My other project is working on a new cookbook for our church. It's been since 1978 since we've had a cookbook done and it's all out of print! It's been quite the project typing all the recipes in on-line but have I a great committee helping me with it!!!

Dylan's main project lately is keeping these darn calves in!!! I think they get out just so Dylan can chase them right back in!!!

I also have been working on finishing up painting my basement and also working on my back patio outside!!! Not quite done with either yet, so pictures of those will have to wait a little while!!!


  1. You are a busy, busy lady! Can't wait to see pictures of your basement & patio! (Hope you got my recipes last week... sorry it took so long for me to hand some in!)

  2. Ann--
    I organized a church cookbook last year for our Ladies Guild. I gathered all the recipes and then sent them off to be printed. We used Morris Cookbooks out of Nebraska. Really good people to work with. Here's there web address: