Friday, April 15, 2011

Field Trip

Today Dylan got to go with Grandma and her kids on a field trip to the hospital for their Teddy Bear Clinic. All the kids have to bring a teddy bear or some sort of doll or stuffed animal with them.
Here is Dylan getting checked out first......yep, they heard a heart beat!! :-)

Next it was George's turn! George got hurt and broke his arm, so he got a cast!!! We can't take the cast off until "church day", Dylan said!!! :-)

Mommy wasn't able to go along today, as I had an appt. but he had a wonderful time! Thanks to Grandma and all her helpers for taking Dylan!!! :-)

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  1. So sorry to hear George has a broken arm. I'm sure it will heal fast and he'll be able to get his cast off. Looking forward to meeting George! Steve has toys out and I have a special church bag ready for this weekend. Disappointed the weather sounds pretty chilly!!