Tuesday, May 3, 2011

F.U.N. Day!!!

Last night we had 2 little vistors!!! Dylan's cousins Kennedy and Gentry spent the night!!! I actually got them to stop playing for a minute and line-up for a picture!

After all that playing they got in the tub!!!

This morning the girls requested pancakes for breakfast and to eat at the Buzz and Woody table they got Dylan for his birthday last year!!! :-)

This morning we went down and met Grandma Walleta and her kids at the BRAND NEW park in town!!! And wow, was it awesome!!!!!!! Dylan had many favorite things about the park but he said he really liked the tire swing!!!

Aunt Kelli even stopped bye during her lunch break!!!

More pictures of the new park coming soon!!! :-)

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  1. You can tell by Dylan's glow on his face that he had a GREAT day!! He is beaming! Hope the weather warms up so you can enjoy more of those days!!