Saturday, December 12, 2009


Every early December we travel to Chicago for seed meetings. So this week we made it but just barely before all the snow hit!!! Shane's parents even made the trip this year after not going for a few years.
Here is my mother-in-law, hard at work. Yes, those are all her packages!!!:-) She had a very good day on Wednesday shopping. I made her pose in front of this pretty tree in Macey's.

Here I am taking a picture from the 3rd floor at Macey's. Their decorations are so beautiful!!!

Wednesday night Shane and I went out to dinner with another couple and had a wonderful time. It was an Itilian resturant and was sooo good. I think one of my favorites was the fried eggplant. I had never had eggplant before but it was soo good!!!
This picture is kind-of far away but stil a nice one!

Thursday we did some more walking around and shopping. We started out at Lego land. That airplane is made all of Lego's!!

And so is all of this. I just thought it was so neat.

And that is all the pictures I took!!! Yeah, I know.......I carried my big huge camera all the whole time and I only took those pictures.....sorry. Better than nothing I guess.
Have a great weekend!!!:-)


  1. So jealous! There's nothing prettier at Christmas than a beautifully decorated department store!!! I LOVE TO SHOP! Looks like you guys had a really good time, did Dylan stay w/ Grandma W.? I love the picture of you and Shane w/ the snow flakes falling... what a great memory!

  2. Yes, Dylan stayed with Grandma Walleta. They had a great time. He enjoys playing with the kids, though with the snow she didn't have many kids Tuesday and Wednesday.
    Thanks for the picture of your little it today!! So cute!!!