Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

We got the tree up last weekend...

And also Dylan's "football" tree in his bedroom...

Christmas cards ready to be put in the mail tomorrow...

The lights up.....well, as much as Dylan and I can do...

I thought our little Christmas tree ligths looked so cute outside glowing and with all the snow around them tonight.

I hate the cold as we can't go outside and play as much but I LOVE it when the tree is up and the snow is falling and my 2 favorite boys are inside with me!!!!


  1. Your Christmas decorations look awesome. Dylan's tree is a neat idea! However, my favorite are the little trees around your burm. They are so cute! Where did you find them? Don't tell me Hobby Lobby because I've been told they're closed! :)
    Haven't gotten my decorations up or any cards ready. Maybe this week. We had 6" of snow last night and expecting 5-7" more by tomorrow night. Hope that gets me in the mood.
    Did you know Hallmark channel has Christmas mo vies on every night? Could that be my problem? ! :) Have a safe trip this week! Later!

  2. Wow....I need to get on the ball! I haven't even ordered cards yet....ooops! Anyway, everything looks great!

  3. I got Dylan's little tree in his room from Hobby Lobby(1/2 off) and the tree's outside form Target the day after Thanksgiving 1/2 off. Arica, every year we go to Chicago in Dec. for meetings so I try and get all the Christmas decorating done and cards sent out before we go(we leave tonight), so that's what makes me get everything done.
    Yes, Euince I read when the Hallmark Channel has movies on every night but with Dylan it's really impossible to watch anything on T.V. expect Bambi or Blue's Clues when he is up!!! So that's another reason why I get stuff done....he is such a wonderful helper!!!:-)
    Thanks for both of your comments. They made my day!!!!!

  4. Love Dylan's tree... such a fun tradition! Santa always leaves one little gift under Jaxon's bedroom tree... he really looks forward to finding that one!