Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Choice

So Shane came home and said that these 3........

were going to go the basketball game tonight and I could go along or
STAY HOME!?!?!?!??!
Any guesses on which one I chose???:-)


  1. Stay or go? Stay or go? I vote STAY home alone. What a gift!! Love you--Kelli

  2. It was quite a gift!!! I wasn't feeling the best today, so it was nice to get to stay home alone!! I cleaned, did laundry and the best of all took a bath!!!!!! Such a treat.

  3. Next time you are given such a gift, just take the bath and relax. Laundry and cleaning doesn't fit my idea of a gift! But understand it's nice to have things stay picked up for an hour or two. Remember those days as well.

  4. Staying home alone is always a treat I look forward to! Hope you are doing well. ---Mary