Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Another round of VERY cold weather and snow is hitting our area today!!! So we are trying to keep busy inside!!!
We having been working on writing Dylan's name. He isn't so interested in that but getting better!! We also did a lot of cutting this morning with scissors.

And of course when we are done it has to go on the fridge!!!

We have also baked a little....making Blueberry Coffee Cakes!!! Dylan has been working on cracking eggs(his favorite thing to do in the kitchen besides stirring), and he did a great job getting only the eggs in the batter!!!!

Stay Warm!!!! Spring is just around the corner....hopefully!!!

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  1. I am so impressed that you get Dylan to practice writing his name and especially using a scissors. Dustin hated doing that type of thing. To get him to color or use a scissors was a major fight!! Tell Dylan Aunt Eunice misses his smiles. He looks grumpy!! Think I need to move closer. Those coffee cakes look YUMMY! Sure hope you're right about spring!