Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy Bee's

We had a busy weekend!! Saturday morning we helped Shane set up a catch pen for our cattle and hauled them home!

Dylan had to take his stick along, to help out!! He does pretty good!!! :-)

Sunday I put the boys to work in the basement!! We are painting and boy is it a job!!! We have a huge basement, which means LOTS of painting!!

I wish I could make this one a video so you could see them both dancing while painting!! Too cute!!!!!!!!


  1. Love Dylan's butt shake! I can just see the wiggle in it :)

  2. I'm sure Dad's booty was shaking just like Dylan's!! That would make a great video. How's the project going? Too nice the next couple days to be stuck inside! Enjoy the warm! Teases us for spring!