Thursday, February 18, 2010


I got got tickets for my in-laws to go to a KSU game for Christmas. Of course the tickets that I bought from Aunt Eunice were for a game that they couldn't go to!!! So I thought great, Shane, Dylan and I could go...nope, Shane had a meeting also(and once you are 2 you have to have a ticket to get into KSU games, so Dylan didn't come along). So I called Jenni and Amillia to come with me!!!
Here they are........Amillia wasn't too sure about all of it!!!

Jenni, Amillia and I even made it on the big screen!!!!

Amillia enjoyed all the dancers....

For a Wednesday night there was a VERY big crowd!!!
And even though they didn't play their best they came away with an exciting win!!!

What a fun night!!!

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  1. Amillia does look a little unsure. We'll work on her and make sure that purple pride shows!!!!!!
    Glad you were able to go and use the tickets. The game was way too close for me. I've chewed all my fingernails on my left hand!!!Hope the next couple aren't as close. I'm running out of nails!!
    By the way, the pictures are good of everyone.