Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. 5 days....the count-down is totally on!! I can hardly wait. I'm so sick of this weather!!!
2. I started packing on Sunday........
3. Dylan keeps wanting to go to the park. Last week we went 2 days since there was a heat-wave and it got into the 40's for a couple days. Here he is at the park last summer with Grandma Walleta.

4. This morning at 7:00 A.M. in Mexico it was 70 degrees!!!!!!! I can hardly wait!!
5. We have this nice little bay window ledge in our living room. I just love it and so does Dylan. He has been just playing and playing latley on that legde. So happy!! I just like watching him play and talk to himself.

6. I decided since we are going to be gone next week, we aren't going to the store this week to buy anything. So that means we have to eat what's in the cupboard..... I've decided that I could probably make it about 2-3 weeks without going. Hey, I like a good deal......
7. Well, we HAD to go today........we ran out of M&M's and Puffcorn.....

and when you are potty training, those are both key items in our house. Dylan just LOVES "popcorn".
8. Dylan is working on learning his colors. This morning I asked him what his favorite color was and he said pink!
9. Last night our boys team played at home. We went and got to see one of our favorite players, Tyler dunk it!!!!!!

I totally stole this picture from Kay, www.kaysphotos.com she takes pictures of all the sports teams as well as weddings, families, ect. She does a great job.
10. 5 days, I am just so excited!!!!!!!


  1. Aunt Eunice is going to have to come and work with Dylan on his colors! His favorite color has to be purple. Anything else will be unacceptable!!!
    Thought of you today and wondered how many days you have left before you get to bask in the sun. That is so exciting!!!

  2. My youngest Miles favorite color is pink too! It has been 6 months and still his favorite. Brian is starting to worry! :) JK