Friday, October 29, 2010


We kicked off Halloween weekend today by trick-or-treating with my Mom and her daycare kids!! And Dylan debut his costume...............
He's Buzz Lightyear!!! Which if you know Dylan comes as no surprise!!! Besides thinking he is a combine he also thinks he is Buzz!!!

Here's the whole gang!!!!!

Mom was a nun and her helper Jamie, wore Mom's favorite visor and was "Walleta" it was toooo funny!!!

Here we are walking down the street!!! We got quite a few "looks"!!!!:-)

I even got in on the action......scary.......very scary......I was Coach Ohlde!!!:-)

What a fun morning..........glad we only do it once a year!!!:-)


  1. I bet Dylan can fly for sure now with those Buzz Lightyear wings!!! Tell him Aunt Eunice thinks he makes a great Buzz!!!!

  2. Ok so Dylan's costume is hilarious! I knew he was going to be Buzz but seeing it on him...well it just makes me laugh...about as much as your mom being a nun! Tell Dylan he's Rockin' the tight white pants! And Ann, you should wear a hat more often! You look good wearing it Coach. Looks like you all had fun. Your mother is crazy for taking them all around in their costumes. But I know the kids love it.