Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Time

This time of year Daddy is hardly ever home, our family time is usually in the field or on the football field!!! So they other day when Shane needed helped with a test plot, we were excited to help!!!
Here's Shane's test plot's an F2 but Dylan calls it "The Baby Combine"

Here's what I drove.....the seed pick-up and weigh wagon. My job was to catch a sample of the corn and test the weight and moisture of each varity.

Here are our 2 dogs....when Dylan gets around Ginger, he thinks he is a dog also!

Here's "The Baby Combine" in action!!!

And of course we had to stop and eat some lunch!!!!!

Dylan insisted on taking a picture of Mommy!!! I agreed (kind-of) but he took one Mommy actually didn't mind too much!!!

It was a beautiful day, but got warm(in the 80's), we're hoping it starts cooling off again!!


  1. One thing missing on Ginger, a KSU collar!! At least Dylan and Mom were dressed in the right attire!!! So glad Ginger is able to help also.