Friday, September 24, 2010

Football Friday!!!

Well, actually everyday at our house seems like Football Friday....Mommy plays LOTS of football with Dylan, watches film, writes football articles for the paper, more film, grades film, listens to Daddy talk about football!!!
This morning Dylan wanted to play surprise there!! The grass was too wet so we had to play inside.......
Down, set, hut-hut......Dylan insists I say that every time!!

Today he decided we would take turns and Dylan would be the football player and Mommy the cheerleader and then we would switch!!!!

He has pretty good cheerleading moves!!!

Go Bulldogs, Go!!!

I had to post these picture so in about 15 years, I can show him!!!:-) Enjoy your Friday!!!


  1. Well at least he uses the right color of pom poms!

  2. Too cute! Won't he be proud of those cheerleader pictures some day?! I bet Daddy will be pretty excited about them too!