Monday, May 25, 2009

It rained yesterday.....

So Grandpa, Uncle Shaun and Daddy took the afternoon off and we headed to the lake!!! They all went down first and when Dylan got up from his nap we headed down. This was Dylan 1st time going to the lake!!! Here is Dylan with Uncle Shaun......Dylan was so excited to "drive"!!!

Here are all the Ohlde boys.......Dylan was to excited to look at the camera!!

Helping Daddy drive........(and Daddy did get burnt today)!!

The water was pretty cold. Like 62 degrees or something like that. Dylan still liked to put his hand in though.

I decided I better get my picture taken with Dylan or he is always going to wonder where his Mommy was when he was doing all these fun things!!!!!

What a great bad everyone has to go back to work tomorrow!!

Have a wonderful week!!! And thanks so much to everyone who reads this.

I get such wonderful comments(usually in person or by e-mail) and I really

appreciate it!!

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  1. Nice guns, Shane. Great pics, Ann. Good to see you in a picture for once! Love ya--