Monday, May 18, 2009


Yesterday Shane's brother graduated from High School!!! It's hard to believe that when Shane and I started dating he was in the 1st grade!!! Shaun is here in the middle!!

The cake table. I made a big collage of pictures and also helped decorate!!
Here is the food table......Anita(Shane's Mom) putting food out. And another set of pictures I put together. Those are all his school pictures.

Made some tortilla roll-ups ..................

And some graduation cap brownies.........everyone seemed to really like them. I was worried that people might not know what they are!!!

Here are the two cute, aren't they?!?!?

Here's Shaun with his cake

Aunt Eunice reads my blog so I had to get one of her on here........and I thought this one was a good one of her!!:-)

Here is the whole clan......

Shaun opening presents with the help of Dylan...........

What a fun weekend!!! It was great to see everyone and I love helping with parties. I think I should have been so sort of party planner/helper!! I just LOVE it but am also gald it's over with!!


  1. Looks like the graduation went well. You put in a lot of hard work and it all looked great! I bet you are pooped. Loved the cap brownies!

  2. One of those brothers is cuter than the other....just ask my girls! Love looked great and I am very proud of you.......Kelli

  3. Will you be my daughter-in-law? Andy's still available.