Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Our fun filled weekend started off with a trip to the mall to see the Easter Bunny on Friday with Grandma Walleta. Dylan seemed to like the Easter Bunny but refused to sit with him!!! So....he got his picture taken on the bus instead!!!

Saturday it was off to Palmer for the Easter egg hunt!!
Instead of picking up the eggs, Dylan smashed them with his feet to break them open to see what was inside!!!!!!!
Everyone made fun of his poor little bucket!! I thought it was cute but only held about 4 eggs at a time!!
Saturday we were then off to Western KS to Shane's side of the family gathering. Here are most of the guys outside play basketball!!
Easter morning.......all of the Ohlde boys dressed in blue!!
Miss Amillia in her Easter dress
Here is the whole crazy clan!!! And don't look at me........VERY BAD angle of me!!! I should have stood in the back!!
And then after lunch we colored some Easter eggs. Here is Jolynn and her step-son!! We had a great time!!
Eunice our hostest with the mostest is in the background.........talking.........I can't believe that!!:-)
Thanks for letting us invade your house Anut Eunice!!! We had such a wonderful time!!

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