Thursday, February 12, 2009

If Daddy does it, I will!!!

Dylan hasn't been feeling the best the past couple days so we went to the docotor today and they decided he needed to start breathing treatments!! So tonight we did it for the first time.

Of course Mommy said he would NEVER wear this mask but since Daddy put it on first Dylan decided it was pretty neat, so he put it on!!!

I thought he acted lots better today and didn't cough as much so hopefully we are on the road to recovery!!!

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  1. Oh poor little Dylan honey. Kennedy wanted to pray for you to get better in her prayers tonight. I hate it when you look so sickly. To bad we aren't there to help cheer you up! We are proud of you for wearing the mask though. You've got one up on your cuz "G". She hates that thing w/ a passion. Get better little man. We will see you soon! Love Aunt Kate