Tuesday, February 17, 2009


When Dylan was born we got a ton of really nice blankets. Many were ones people had made and they were just beautiful!!! I tried to get Dylan to take to one of these and have it be his "blankie" but I didn't have any luck. When I took Dylan to work with me my Mother-in-law brought up a blanket one day that use to be Uncle Shaun's. He didn't use it as a blanket but as a cover on his changing table, so this blanket is old and also has a slight urine smell to it.....but Dylan loves this blankie!!!
Here he is before nap today showing me his beloved bankie!!!!!

His favorite T.V. show is Blue's Clues and for Christmas Grandma Walleta got him Blue!! So now that also has to be in his crib with him.
And he also has to use this blanket to cover up with......it's one we got from Shane's Great-Aunt Lorna.
These should be the last pictures of Dylan in his crib.......stayed tuned
for pictures of his new "big" bed!!!

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